How to use Vanadis web

A. How to use Vanadis web if you are the host

B. How to use Vanadis web if you are a guest 

How to use vanadis web if you are the host:

  • Creating an Account

To access certain features on the website and book accommodations or post accommodation, you need to register in a way to create an account and become a member.

We will create an account for your use of the site based on personal information that you provide during registration. You can have only one active account. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update this information to be accurate, current and complete.

You are responsible for keeping your password secret. You agree not to disclose your password to any third party and that you will assume all responsibility for any activity within your Vanadis Travel account.

  • Advertise accommodation

As a member, you are able to publish your accommodation. To create your ad, you will be asked a number of information about the accommodation you want to advertise, including address, capacity, size, details and availability of accommodation and prices. To advertise accommodations through Vanadis Travel website, the accommodation unit must be categorized according to the official Croatian Ministry of Tourism, for which the accommodation owner is obliged, after the registration process, to send a copy of confirmation to Vanadis Travel Agency.

Advertisements will be available to the public via Vanadis Travel website. Other members will be able to book your accommodation through a website based on the information you provided during registration.

You as a host will be responsible for entering valid prices through the system, and you may not ask the customer to pay a higher price than the initial request for a reservation.

Any advertisement that you post on and booking you receive for the same, must not be in conflict with the agreements you have made with third parties, such as associations, owners of buildings, lease agreement or lease, and that will be in accordance with all applicable laws, tax requirements and rules and regulations that apply, and not in conflict with the rights of third parties.

Vanadis Travel takes no responsibility for whether the host has complied with all agreements or obligations to third parties, any applicable laws, rules and regulations, but reserves the right to consider further cooperation if any of the above proves to be true.

Vanadis Travel reserves the right to remove or disable access to any advertisement that Vanadis Travel, in its sole discretion, considers to be objectionable for any reason, in violation of these Terms or otherwise harmful to the Site.

  • Accepting reservations

If a guest via Vanadis Travel websites makes a reservation request for your accommodation, you will be prompted to accept or reject the request within 24 hours, after which date will request for reservation expire.

If you are not able to confirm the reservation and decide to decline the reservation within the period of inquiry, any amount that is collected for the required booking by Vanadis Travel, will be returned to the relevant credit card and any previous authorization of a guest's credit card will be canceled.

When you confirm the booking requested by a guest, Vanadis Travel will send you an e-mail with basic information  about the customer confirming the reservation.

  • Booking and financial conditions for hosts

Vanadis Travel will, upon confirmation of reservation, charge the full amount of the reservation, and will initiate a payment to the owner of accommodation (minus booking fee) within 24 hours after the guest arrives in accommodation which is reserved.

The time it takes for the host to receive the payment will depend on the time the bank takes to make the transfer.

Each host hereby appoints Vanadis Travel as a booking agent for the sole purpose of accepting accommodation fees from guests.

Each host agrees that any payment collected by Vanadis Travel in hosts name, will be considered the same as a payment directly to the host, and the host will provide acommodation to the guests in an agreed manner as if the host received the payment for accommodation directly.

Each host agrees that Vanadis Travel may, in accordance with the cancellation policy selected by the host, allow the guests to cancel their booking and Vanadis Travel is required to refund the guest in the percentage specified in the applicable cancellation policy.

Vanadis Travel does not guarantee payments to hosts for amounts that have not been successfully received by Vanadis Travel from guests.


B. How to use Vanadis web if you are a guest:


  • Find accommodation

Finding accommodation for stay is easy. In the search bar, enter your destination and choose your travel dates in the calendar. A list of potentially available accommodation will appear. Click on an accommodation to view details. If you have additional questions about a certain accommodation, you can contact us through the contact form at the end of the accommodation description, and we would be happy to provide you additional information to help you decide on a booking.

  •  Book your accommodation

To be able to book accommodations on site, you must create an account and become a member. The account will be created for your use of the site based on personal information that you provided during registration.
You can have only one active account. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information during the registration process and to update this information to be accurate, current and complete.

Once you have decided to book certain accommodation, follow the steps on the page to send a booking request to the host. The total fees to be paid will be shown to you before you send booking request to the owner.

  • Reservation Confirmation

The host has 24 hours to accept your booking request. Once they accept the reservation, you receive the confirmation of the booking per e-mail.

Upon the payment of the total fees to Vanadis Travel, your payment obligation to the host of the booked accommodation is extinguished, and Vanadis Travel is responsible for remitting the accommodation fees (less the Host fees), to the Host.

For safety reasons, Vanadis Travel pays out to the host only 24 hours after you safely arrived at the accommodation.

If requested reservation is however not confirmed by the host, any amount Vanadis Travel to that collected will be returned to guests and each pre-authorization guest's credit card will be canceled.

  •  Enjoy your stay

Once your reservation is confirmed, your reservation is secured. You'll get the contact details of the host, so you can send the estimated time of arrival.

Your host will meet you at the property at the arranged time, will show you around the place and hand over the keys.

In most cases, you will be asked to present an ID upon arrival. Owners of accommodation in Croatia are obliged to register all the tourists to the police and the Croatian tourist office.